To cancel an upcoming order, log into your Member Portal and ‘skip’ the order by clicking ‘manage subscription’ and editing your next recurring date in the calendar.  Don’t forget to hit ‘change shipping date’ to save your changes.


Please note:  This must be done by Thursday prior to the billing date.  You cannot skip or cancel an order that is already charged.  An order that has already been charged is an order that will be prepared and delivered to you.  This may not be available for a refund.


To cancel your entire subscription, please contact us through the support widget at the bottom of any page on our site.  This also must be requested Thursday prior to your next billing date.


If you have any trouble, please reach out to your Account Manager through our Support widget accessible through any page on on our site or call or text us during business hours (9am-5pm CST M-F) at 816.888.3539.