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Okay, so your New Year's Resolution to lose weight began to fizzle out somewhere around mid February and you just realized swimsuit season is fast approaching. Never fear! Besides getting in the grove of hitting the gym again, there are a few habits you can develop in order to lose weight faster than you would with just exercise alone. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to start implementing into your day in order to make fitting into that bikini a little easier just in time for summer:

  1. Eat Slower: Despite what you may think, your brain and stomach don’t sync up as fast as your phone does to your computer. Eating slower allows time for your brain to get on the same page as your stomach, so you know when you’re actually full before it’s too late.
  2. Plan Your Cheats: Cheating is not the end of the world as long as you plan ahead for it. If you know you are going out to dinner with friends, plan ahead for that desert you know you are going to be peer pressured into getting. Allowing yourself a little treat here and there is also a great way to prevent diet burnout.
  3. Drink More Water: We all know you need water to live, but water is so much more than just a thirst quencher. The more water you drink throughout the day, the less ravenous you feel come mealtime and the less you overeat. Water also helps to power most of your body’s functions including revving up your energy level and metabolism.
  4. Get Rid of the Sugar: Studies have shown that overindulging in sugar can lead to more fat gain that overindulging in fatty foods. Start swapping out your sugar with natural calorie-free alternatives like stevia to get your sweet tooth fix, and if you must have a soft drink, opt for a diet coke instead of a regular coke.
  5. Get Spicy: Eating spicy food has been shown to be another effective way to give your metabolism a boost. Plus, the more spicy food you eat, the more water you drink. It’s a win-win all around!
  6. Get Your Groceries Delivered: Lots of grocery stores now offer home delivery or pick-up services at little to no extra cost, meaning you choose what foods you want online and someone else does the shopping for you. By staying out of the grocery store and not having junk food physically in front of you, you will be less likely to cave in to the temptation of those Double Stuffed Oreos.
  7. Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day: In spite of popular belief, the scale is not the best tool to gauge your weight loss progress. All too often, people become discouraged and quit when they see the scale go up or stay the same even after tons of hard work in the gym and kitchen. Scales do not measure fat loss and many times, hormones, water retention, and lean muscle gains will cause your weight to go up. Instead of using a scale, gauge your progress by how your clothes fit or how you look in the mirror. Chances are if your clothes fit looser and you can see and feel a difference, you’re right on track!
  8. Get FlexPro Meals: This is probably the biggest no brainer of all! FlexPro Meals delivers delicious healthy meals right to your front door. This means not having to become a nutrition expert, no portion control confusion, no grocery shopping, no meal prep, no cooking, no cleanup, and no guessing. FlexPro does all of the work for you. Click here to let us help you choose what meal plan best fits your fitness goals!

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