Pull-ups - Why We Do Them and You Should Too!

Pull-ups have long been considered one of the most fundamental exercises in creating a strong back and that ever-coveted V-taper many guys desire. Being able to preform pull-ups is considered by many organizations, like the military, to be an indicator of superior physical fitness. However, pull-ups provide a lot more benefits than just looking good and impressing people. Here are just a few of our favorite benefits: 

1. Compound Upper Body Move- Not only do pull-ups target your upper-back muscles, your biceps, forearms, shoulders, & core also come into play when preforming a pull-up.

2. Variation Variety- There are tons of pull-up variations you can do all depending on your hand placement. Each type targets your muscles differently. For instance, a chin-up incorporates more biceps while a close-grip pull-up targets more of your forearms. 

3. Increasing Intensity is Easy- As with every other exercise, you must continually increase the intensity in order to grow and avoid a plateau. Pull-up intensity can be easily increased by simply doing more reps or adding weight with a weighted belt or vest. 

4. Increased Heart Rate- Pull-ups use large muscle groups, so they will have your heart rate pumping in no time! 

5. Increase Grip Strength- Pull-ups are one of the best ways to increase grip strength which comes in handy for other weight-training exercises and climbing.

6. Convenient- Pull-ups can be done almost anywhere. You don't need thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment to do this exercise-- just your body, a bar, and gravity.

Don't Have Access to a Pull-up Bar?

  • Doorframe pull-up bars are relatively inexpensive and work great! 
  • Check out your local running trail. Many of them have outdoor workout stations that include pull-up bars.
  • Head to the nearest playground and use the monkey bars.
  • If you have an open beam ceiling in your basement, use the beam as a pull-up bar
  • Head outside to your patio and use the edge of the deck or railing
Do you integrate pull-ups in your workout routine? Tell us how in the comments below!

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