7 Benefits of Stretching & How to Integrate with Your Fitness Routine

7 Benefits of Stretching

Stretching has the ability to prevent a lot of problems!

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Among the fitness community stretching is often overlooked because the results are not as visible as lifting weights or doing cardio. However, if you've ever been injured or experienced chronic aches and pains, you can probably look back in hindsight and see that stretching would have saved you a bunch of grief. Not only does stretching offer benefits in the way of pain relief, it also has tons of other positive results that can make life a little easier. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should incorporate stretching into your fitness regime:

  1. Mood/Mind Booster- Stretching increases blood flow/circulation, sending lots of oxygen to your brain resulting in clearer thinking and better moods. 
  2. Butt Saver- If you have a desk job, sitting for that long can cause your glutes to atrophy (lose muscle), which can then lead to other problems like lower back and knee pain. Stretching your glutes and hip flexors regularly can prevent that. 
  3. Better Posture- When you consistently stretch, your muscles loosen up, leaving you less likely to assume the hunchback position. 
  4. Increases Athletic Performance- If you are an athlete or a fitness nut, stretching can increase your ability to do certain athletic moves. 
  5. Slows Aging- As you age, your body begins to lose mobility, resulting in less activity and more health problems. Stretching regularly increases mobility. 
  6. Prevents Injury- Stretching makes your muscles more elastic, making you less likely to pull or tear a muscle during activity. 
  7. Prevents Muscle Soreness- Consistent stretching will help your muscles recover quicker from tough workouts and prevent them from becoming as sore. 

Not only does stretching have a lot of benefits, it's incredibly easy to integrate into your daily fitness routine. A good stretch requires no special equipment and can be done practically anywhere! Using your body weight you can gently stretch to help maximize your desired fitness results! Tell us your favorite stretch in the comments below!

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