12 Benefits of Cayenne Pepper & How to Add It to Your Diet

It's not just a way to spice up your food!

Most people only know cayenne pepper as a spice that can add a little fire to any dish. But did you know that this spicy pepper has been used for hundreds of years for tons of other health benefits?

Here are 12 benefits of cayenne pepper and how to add it to your daily diet: 

  1. Weight Loss- Studies of shown that cayenne pepper is a natural appetite suppressant and metabolic booster which will help your body not only take in fewer calories, but also burn more calories! 
  2. Prevents Migraines- Cayenne may help to prevent migraines because it has the ability to decrease your perception of pain.
  3. Cold & Flu Remedy- Cayenne has been shown to aid in breaking up mucus caused by cold and flu.
  4. Allergy Relief- Forget the expensive over-the-counter meds, cayenne is a cheap and easy way to relieve those allergy symptoms.
  5. Prevents Blood Clots- Cayenne prevents the formation of blood clots, which can aid in reducing your chance of heart attack and stroke.
  6. Cancer Prevention- Cayenne has been shown by studies to prevent tobacco-related lung cancer, but that doesn't mean we are encouraging you to smoke!
  7. Toothache Remedy- Cayenne is a great way to battle tooth & gum disease.
  8. Topical Agent- For many years, cayenne has been used to treat topical issues like snakebites, wounds, sores, and more. 
  9. Detox Support- Cayenne heats the body and causes you to sweat which are important steps in releasing toxins from your body. 
  10. Anti-Bacterial- Cayenne has been used as a natural food preservative because of it's anti-bacterial properties
  11. Joint Pain Relief- Cayenne contains something called capsaicin, which has been shown to give joint pain relief. 
  12. Digestive Aid- Cayenne stimulates your digestive tract which helps your body to digest foods easier and is also useful in relieving gas.

With all of these great benefits, there's no reason not make cayenne a part of your daily life. Getting your daily cayenne intake is easy! Add it to one of your meals or mix cayenne tea with lemon juice and honey to create a great detoxifying morning beverage. If you don't particularly enjoy the taste or heat of cayenne, you can get it in pill form from most stores that sell supplements! 

Do you add cayenne pepper to your daily diet? Share below your favorite ways to integrate this beneficial spice!

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