How does shipping work?

Good questionYour orders and when you get them will be determined by your first order and your frequency. 

Let’s check it out! 


If you placed your first order Thursday 2p CST-Monday 2p CST, your order will go out at the first available shipping day of the week. 

Did you place your order Monday afternoon to Tuesday 2p CST? Your order will be shipped Tuesday evening. 

The same shipping cycle will be followed for Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday 2p CSTYour order will be shipped Wednesday evening. 

The last day we send meals is Thursday, so any order placed Wednesday evening-Thursday 2p CST will be delivered that same week! 


Your following recurring order will be processed on Sunday or Wednesday and will be based on your frequency! 

Do we have the honor of sending you delicious meals every weekI hope soThis means your orders will process every week so please make any adjustments 2 days in advance, so we can assist with any changes, if you need them! 

Did you decide a better cycle for you might be a meal box every 2 weeksYour orders will also process on Sunday or Wednesday, just every other one! 

Helpful hint: Your account dashboard will show you what day your orders will process or for quick reference, our East Coast friends in the following states STARTING MAY 19 will have orders process on Sunday (NY, NJ, PA, OH, VA, MD, MA, CT, NH, WV, DE, ME, RI, VT) 


All orders are sent same day, to ensure we get you the highest quality meals to your door as soon as possible! 


If you have additional questions, just let us know! LIVE CHAT with us on our website from 7-7 CST M-F! 

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