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We’re here to redefine your meal game. Our mission? To flip the script on fitness food! We’re all about that perfect combo of meals that are both nutritious and delicious, delivering a high-five to your health with meals that set the stage for epic eats and elite feats.



 We’re here to transform the approach to health and fitness. We believe nutritious eating should be accessible, enjoyable, and effortlessly fit into your daily routine. We’re dedicated to making ‘eating right’ the highlight of the day through empowering our customers to redefine their own limits with every flavorful bite. 



We promise to serve up nothing but the best. Think of us as your personal hype team for nailing that #FitLife.  

We’re undertaking an evolution of the food industry by consistently introducing groundbreaking, health-forward meal options that are as delicious as they are beneficial, ensuring that innovation is not just in what we eat, but how we eat it. 

Fresher, Cooler, Greener – Delivered!


Earth-Loving, Taste-Bud Pleasing

Our packaging preserves your meal and the planet with new liners that are made from 90% recycled materials.

Enhanced Meal Freshness

With improved insulation, these liners are designed to keep your meals cooler and fresher for longer periods, ensuring the highest quality from our kitchen to your table.

Superior Meal Protection

We've upgraded our packaging technology to offer better protection for your meals during transit.


Revolt Against Monotony - New Meals Every Week!



As Soon As Possible!

We ship Mon – Thurs every week! All orders arrived between Tues and Friday. You’ll receive your prepared meals SAME WEEK if your 1st order is Mon – Thurs 12PM EST. All orders placed Thurs 12PM EST – Sun will ship at the start of the upcoming week!

You will receive your tracking number when your shipping label is printed. Tracking will update as soon as your carrier checks in your package.

No way!

You NEVER have to cook with FlexPro prepared meals. Our prepared meals are pre-portioned and delivered ready to eat! This isn’t just another box of ingredients, we’re the complete convenience package! We took care of your grocery shopping and cooking!

All prepared meals are shipped flash frozen to seal in flavor!

We deliver your delicious meals in our custom made “Fridge in a Box” insulated packages. Your meals will arrive cold to the touch, that’s ideal! Just transfer to your fridge/freezer.

These are handcrafted recipes we prepare for you. They are shipped in an Earth friendly, recycled box along with gel packs, to keep your meals at SAFE and PROPER temps. We include directions for storing and preparing your meals on the inside flap of your mealbox. They keep in the freezer for up to 6 MONTHS and the best way to prepare them is to let them thaw in the fridge for 24-48 hours and then reheat in microwave according to your label. And great news, you can reheat entire container, including the lidding film!

You decide! For your convenience, we have subscriptions with flexibility and commitments! We keep all delivery schedules on recurring, so you don’t ever miss out on receiving your meal box! You can simply call in to cancel at the end of your chosen subscription terms and our super friendly Customer Service Reps will be more than happy to assist during office hours!

Choose from two portion sizes: Regular Meals (230-500 Cals/Meal) and Large Meals (320-780 Cals/Meal).

We have more than enough variety to fit your dietary needs! You can sort and filter through our huge menu choosing prepared meals that are:
– Low Carb
– KETO Friendly
– Gluten Free
– Dairy Free
– Pork Free

When you’re a part of our FlexPro Family, you’ll have direct access too:

– Updating your Meal Box Entree choices and quantities
– Add on any of your favorite power treats
– Skip a week or modify your delivery frequency on flexible subscriptions
– Direct access to our Super Friendly Customer Service Team

All meals are flash frozen after they are prepared. 

We carefully hand pack all meals with gel packs and an insulation liner, so your food stays safe and cool until you get home. 

We deliver your delicious meals in our custom made “fridge in a box” insulated packages. If your meals arrive cool to the touch, that’s ideal! Just transfer to your fridge/freezer until you’re ready to dig in! 

Recurring billing takes place on Wednesday! 

You can simply call in to cancel your mealbox before your next billing and our SUPER FRIENDLY Customer Service Reps will be more than happy to assist during office hours! 


– Call us at 816.888.FLEX, option 4 

– Customer Support, 7-7 CST Mon-Fri 

The deadline to make adjustments such as updating your mealbox, skipping your next order, canceling a future order, address changes, etc. is 2 days before that order processes. All orders are FINAL after an order processes as it is an order that will be delivered.

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