Lean Muscle (LG) Meals - 3 Meals/Day

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What You Get:

Power Breakfasts: From farm fresh egg omelets to french toast & breakfast burritos, our hearty portions DO NOT disappoint. 

Lunches:  Imagine lunchables on steroids and that's about right!  Protein-packed, moderate carb intake, EPIC Variety always heated to perfection!

Dinners:  Eliminating your hunger every day with our grand dinner finale!  Stay lean & build muscle every day with our fantastic meals chef crafted and hand packaged for you.

Power Treats:  From protein-packed Oreo balls, homemade Snickers, Peanut Butter Crunch to Nutella bites, you're in for an unforgettable snack break everyday!

Lean Muscle Nutrition: (approx)

  • 500-700 Calories/Meal
  • 50g protein per meal
  • 40g carbs per meal
  • 30g fats per meal

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